samedi 30 avril 2011

Nuts to Kafka

Nuts to Kafka: I went to sleep on a plane and woke up a ladybird!

April has been a month of blue skies and lazy days, of breakfast on the terrace with wisteria in bloom, of small boys running full-tilt at life and friends taking time out to laugh and natter. The soundtrack has been the buzz of fat bumble bees and the cooing of wood pigeons…
Within days of leaving Kinshasa, I was inside the dream I’d had through the last manic months: walking across field and through wood in the sunshine, stopping for the occasional picnic or to admire a view, while spring burst out all around. Blossom tumbled out of bud, the first bluebells peeped out of the hollows, and on every branch new leaves screamed chlorophyll at the sky. Skylarks sang their excitement in super-charged spirals, and I was FREE!!!

Now, batteries recharged and Kindle succumbed to, the ladybird is off to New York.

jeudi 7 avril 2011

A seething cauldron, hot beyond belief, gorgeous to behold and endlessly fascinating. Flames play constantly over the surface, while a lethal fluid mass boils beneath. Hard to tear your gaze away from such beauty and majesty; hard to forget the devastation and suffering.
Farewell Congo…